Take your A-game everywhere you go!

The Jacket

The black Advance jacket is perfect for the gym, your best pair of jeans... or the business meeting you've got. It's light, weather proof, and awesome. 

Stitched logo. Fits true to size. 

Ships free anywhere in the U.S.

(See the product proof here- link will open a new PDF)


Small Jacket- $75 Medium Jacket- $75 Large Jacket- $75 Extra Large Jacket- $75 Double XL Jacket- $75

The Cap

Slightly distressed but fully awesome. The Advance cap is your perfect go-to when you don't want to comb your hair... or when you just prefer something nice on your head. 

Stitched logo. L/XL sized hat fits most heads. 

Choose from red or black cap with white/gray Advance logo.

(See the product proof / specs here- link will open a new PDF)

RED Cap- Buy Here BLACK Cap- Buy Here

Take it with you!

OK. Not technically SWAG, but everyone takes their smartphone with them everywhere they go, right? Yeah... 

The Advance app includes- 

* EXCLUSIVE access to the live recordings of the Advance events

* The audiobook of the Advance book (red book), read by Andy 

* Videos + coaching that don't drop anywhere else EXCEPT for in the app! (updated with four new videos each month)!

* Insider info for the Advance events (scheduling, etc.)

* PUSH notifications to help you Advance daily

Learn more here!

Advance isn't an event, it's a movement... 

NOTHING takes the place of the big events we do twice a year. They encourage, equip, and empower you in ways that nothing else can. 

But, we've got to live real life OUTSIDE of the events. Can't stay on the mountaintop forever, right?

Enter Advance Zoom- online coaching...

Join the movement here!