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Frequently Asked Questions

Advance began as a weekend workshop in 2014. A few guys saw the potential with their wives' essential oil business (Young Living), and decided to get together to discuss work + health + life. The first event was held in Memphis.

The event went well, so another event was scheduled for the Fall. Then another in the Spring... and another...

Over time, it became obvious that what happened AWAY from the events was as important as what happened during the events. Let's face it, the events are amazing, but we have to live real life, right? After all, that's what the events were for...

As a team we hosted 10 live events.

The events were weekend workshops that are part life + part home and encouragement + all awesome. 

We aren't leading events any longer, but you can obtain any of the past info on this site free of charge.

The events were for men only. Anyone can benefit from the material we teach, so feel free to grab the free digital resources in the online store if you're interested. 

Les Wright, Verick Burchfield, and Andy Jenkins started Advance- almost by accident. 

We no longer lead the Advance events.


We spent a few years creating + refining the resources, so even though the event has run its course, we've decided to make the resources free.!


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