February 23-25, 2024 | BHM, AL
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Advance 14.0 | February 23-24-25, Birmingham, AL

A strategic weekend event to  empower men to move from where they are to where they're designed to be-- in every area of life

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It's time to reboot the Advance... and empower more men to navigate from where they are to where they're designed to be... in every area of life.

Advance 14.0 is different than those before-- and those to come after for three reasons

1. Circles not rows

We're limiting the attendance to 15 men for the first one back after a few years off, because we've got work to do!

2. Build the reboot

We'll talk through the Advance framework AND you'll participate in creating the next Advances in real time.

3. Share your strength

Attendees will have time to speak from their strength. Equip others AND perhaps share again at 15.0

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Common Questions about Advance 14.0

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The Back-story

Where Advance came from + what it does + how it benefits you

Almost 9 years ago, we began a movement...

... based around an event. 

We named it Advance, as we wanted our weekend events to help guys move forward— in every are of life.

Helping men grow and… 

🔥 build on-fire marriages

💰 begin making progress financially— and in business

🏀 get healthier, drop weight, start sleeping…

🏆 achieve goals such as writing books, learning new skills, launching new careers

❤️ start investing in their kids

🙏  nurturing their faith

… certainly sounded much better than a weekend “retreat.”

Though the event originally began to help men understand a home-based business venture most of us had in common, we quickly shifted gears and began talking about life...

Together, in these "hands on" workshops, we discovered how to use the power of small actions and incremental change to crate exponential results...

In other words, these men: 

⭐️ Had the desire to do the work 

⭐️ And even had the God-given ability to do it

They just needed a plan, a life-process they could implement and create predictable progress in every area of life.

(And, they needed to know they had people in their corner-- other men committed to helping them become better men as they forged their way forward.)

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It's time to reboot it!

And that's where you come in!

The last Advance with the complete team was Advance 10.0 in Minneapolis. We always thought it would return at some point (it was hitting its peak, oddly enough, at Advance 10.0, when almost 300 men gathered to grow and move forward).


⚙️ life changes

⚙️ political twists and turns

⚙️ and other factors...

Just kept it "at bay."


Now, it's time to start it anew. And, this time, we're inviting you to help shape the movement.

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What Others Have Said About Past Advances


Advance is a weekend event unlike any other. You'll receive... 

🔥 Content | Learn timeless principles which will help you move from where you are to where you're designed to be in every area of life

🔥 Coaching | Real time interaction with others, experts in their disciplines, who can help you move further, faster

🔥 Community | Interact with like-minded men, who also want to "win" and succeed in every area of life

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Andrew Edwin Jenkins
Creator | The Advance resources

In June 2014, the Advance was "accidentally" launched. 

From a Facebook group of just a handful of men, our movement grew from 20 attendees (Advance 1.0) to over 300 (Advance 10.0), as well as a Facebook group of over 5,000.

In the process, I lost 40+ pounds, shifted careers to work more in alignment with my passion and purpose, stopped working 70-80 hour weeks, grew in my faith, prioritized my kids, and emerged from my shell.

Advance will help you create your personal plan and then begin charting DIRECTION (not distance) and PROGRESS (not perfection)…

… because the extraordinary call on your life is designed to be lived among the “ordinary” time of weekly routines and schedules and all “the other things.”

You CAN do it— our team will help guide you.

Advance empowers you to make progress your daily habit, to make momentum your default way of living.

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The Details

Everything you need to know at a glance

February 23-24-25, 2025

Doors open 10am Friday 3rd (check-in Thursday afternoon or Friday morning). Event concludes 12noon Sunday 5th.

Event space, The Homewood Theatre

All sessions will be held at The Homewood Theatre: 1831 28th Ave South, Homewood, Alabama 35209, 205-873-1816

Both suggested hotels are within one block of the theatre.

Lodging, The Valley or Aloft

We suggest either of the following:

🏨 Valley Hotel (Hilton)
2727 18th Street South
Homewood, Alabama 35209
Direct link to hotel on Hilton’s site here.

🏨 Aloft Soho Square (Marriott)
1903 29th Ave South
Direct link to hotel on Marriott’s site here.

What else you need to know

Note: Advance 14.0 provides a unique opportunity for you to help shape the movement.

See the "Common Questions" section near the top of this page. Most of what you need to know is covered there.

What to Expect 


We'll review the 5-part Advance framework throughout the event:

For each of the key areas of life, we’ll discuss— 

💡WHAT (your big idea), 

⚙️ HOW (your implementation strategy),

💙 WHY (the inner drive, your heart, the inspiration), 

🚌 WHO (the people with whom you're connected, interdependent), and 

👉 YOU (your unique individuality, the difference you bring to the table, your expression)


You'll hear from 15+ speakers on the stage-- each experts in their own field...

They'll help you refine your dream and destiny, so you're equipped you to move from where you are to where you want to be.


... there's no green room. 

All the guys are "always accessible" throughout the event.


The best part of the Advance has always been what happens "offstage" and during the free time.

We intentionally schedule down time, so you can:

⚙️ Process what you're learning

⚙️ Push your ideas back and forth across the table, gain feedback, and acquire wisdom

⚙️ Prepare to implement what you've learned 


Life transformation is what we do...

As you implement your plan you, and those closest to you, will notice.  

Many people confuse goals with action-steps. They confuse the map with the journey. The map MATTERS, but it’s the steps we take that get us where we want to go… 

Advance will help you leverage: 

⏰ Your time 

⚡️ Your energy 

🔍 Your focus

... to make the most of each day.

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"Ground zero" for Advance 14.0

Our meetings will be held at The Homewood Theatre. Stay at The Valley or the Aloft, each one block away from the venue. The site also features 15+ restaurants, 3 coffee shops, and multiple music & entertainment venues

Tentative Event Schedule

Schedule subject to change as dates are confirmed

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February 23-24-25, 2024

Advance 14.0


  • Your event ticket to all main sessions | optional upgrade to Mastermind pre-event
  • Workbook + SWAG also included
  • Note: lodging + food + other activities = on your own
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