We'll empower you to move from where you are to where you're designed to be!

Connect with others!

We host live events twice a year- in September and in February!

Live your best life!

Our events encourage and our online resources and books equip you to move from where you are to where your designed to be.

And let's work together!

Together, we can do more good. Advance Change is the method we've created to tame the madness and leverage our gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Advance began as a weekend workshop in 2014. A few guys saw the potential with their wives' essential oil business (Young Living), and decided to get together to discuss work + health + life. The first event was held in Memphis.

The event went well, so another event was scheduled for the Fall. Then another in the Spring... and another...

Over time, it became obvious that what happened AWAY from the events was as important as what happened during the events. Let's face it, the events are amazing, but we have to live real life, right? After all, that's what the events were for...

The events are weekend workshops that are part life + part home and encouragement + all awesome. 

You can learn more about the next event on the event registration page. 

The events are for men only. Anyone can benefit from the material we teach, or join the public Facebook group.

Les Wright, Verick Burchfield, and Andy Jenkins started Advance- almost by accident. 

Advance is filing for 501c3 status- and will be overseen by a Board of Directors.

Join the Advance Zoom for online coaching that walks you through the material between Advances.

No one needs to walk alone!

Connect with our online community via Facebook. We have a private group for men only- this is the link to the public group anyone can join. 

Join the Advance page here!

AdvanceCast >>>

Click the link below to receive hope-filled inspiration that's guaranteed to help you navigate from where you are to where you're designed to be... between Advances. 

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The absolute best way to get involved is to take the leap, commit, and show up for the next Advance. Set the fear to the side, and take the plunge!


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