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You (individuality)

Who you are is greater than what you do. The fruit of your life is an overflow of the person you’re becoming.



Work on you while you work on the dream. That is, do BOTH at the same time— it’s not “either-or” but “both-and.”

This matters…

A Yale study affirmed that:

👉 15% of the people who succeed do so because of their education or skill

👉 85% do so because of their interpersonal skills

Notice, the majority of people who “make it” do so because of WHO they are (or who they have become).



Success doesn’t change people— as we often think. Rather, it reveals who we actually are— who we’ve been all along. It amplifies the things about us.

Success intensifies our:

🛠 Idiosyncrasies = the odd (but morally neutral) attributes that make us who we are

🛠 Issues = the things we need to work on… this includes our insecurities

🛠 Incredible uniqueness = the gifts and skills we have

All three can become exponentially more important, so we want to deal with each of them NOW, so that we’re ready when the time comes to share our gifts with others— because we never know when that time will come.

About the incredible uniqueness we all carry:

🔥Ephesians 2:8-10 = grace saves and also empowers us into a destiny and purpose

🔥Psalm 139:13 = God intentionally created David (and us)

🔥Jeremiah 1:5 = not only did God create Jeremiah (and us), but He also set us apart from our mother’s womb

🔥Isaiah 44:24 = suggests this happened even before time began

🔥Galatians 1:15 = Paul reminds us that God set him— and us— apart from the time we were born, even though he know Paul would persecute the church before he ultimately found his calling, and that we would also blunder before we stepped into ours.



If you look back at the dreams you penned in part 1 (WHAT), most of them are either:

* FOR others (to benefit your spouse, family, etc.), and / or
* WITH others

In other words, you won’t achieve your greatest dreams alone. So work now on being the kind of person that connects well with and empowers other people.

In addition, be sure you have a “bus” of the right people around you— including people who can speak into your life and even correct you.


Note: circle back to part 1– to your dreams. Define what they are. They’ve been placed there by God.

(Own them, verses rent them— like John Maxwell mentioned on stage at the Young Living event.)

And, if that’s true, manage the daily grind… do the stuff.



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