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Who (help, interdependence)

Relationships are the currency of those who live in the realm of their inherent greatness. Walking in healthy relationships with whole people is integrate to living your purpose…

🚌 BUSINESS example =

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins studied the factors that made companies— working in the same time period with identical market conditions and opportunities— excel towards “greatness” while others plateaued at “good.” This was a change, because— until that time— most compared the great to the bad. He wanted to identify the determining factors that helped some companies “level up.”

Here’s what he discovered:

The “good” companies first charted their vision (the WHAT), their mission (the HOW), and even their values (the WHY). They evaluated organizational structure and titles…

… and, though these seem like the things they SHOULD focus on, the “great” companies did something counter-intuitive.

They first built a team. They got the right people together.

Collins likened the companies to a “bus.” He said that whereas most companies were enamored with the color an destination and seating arrangement of those buses, the great companies simply wanted to get the right people on the bus.

From that point, everything was easy…


🚌 BASKETBALL example =

Bill Walton, quoted in “The Fifth Discipline” (Peter Senge) spoke about times in which the oneness of his teammates hit a level that was unsurpassed…

… such that it became “magical. “



🚌 BIBLE example(s) =

Good to Great taps into something we see in the Bible. Namely, relationships matter more than the other stuff we can do. That’s because we were designed for relationship.

⭐️ In Genesis 1 we see that God is relational. Over and over, we see the refrain, “Let us…” during the creation account.

⭐️ In addition, we’re created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26). This means that we, too, are relational.

⭐️ Jesus was / is relational as well (see John 14:6). He says that He embodies truth (i.e., truth exists in a person— not proposition statements of right and wrong). And, He’s taking us to the Father, to a relationship in its fullest expression.

⭐️ We’re promised that God sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68:6), and that He binds us together in the “household of God” (Ephesians 2:19).

This fits with other stories we see in Scripture:

✅ Building the Tower of Babel, according to God, would have been possible— because the people were unified. In fact, He— relationally, the Godhead— declared that nothing would be impossible for them because they were one (see Genesis 11:6).

Notice: this was spoke by God about a people who weren’t doing something religious or even noble. They were building a monument to themselves.

✅ Psalm 133:1-2 tells us that “unity” is like the oil flowing down the beard of Aaron, conjuring images of the anointing of the priest to do a sacred service on behalf of God. In other words, unity— oneness— the “who”— is an anointing of the Spirit. It creates a supernatural super-power.





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