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How (hands, implementation)

Saying “yes” to the great stuff in life often requires saying “no” to the good. That is, our most pivotal decisions don’t usually come to down a choice between “good” and “bad” but, rather, “good” and “great.”


If we say “yes” and prioritize our process— the plan we’ve created to move from “where we are to where we’re designed to be”— and do those things consistently, we can relax about the results. They’ll come.


Note: in the Advance framework, under “implementation” (how, the hands), we talk about TIME not talents or tasks, we discuss SCHEDULING not skill.

The reality is that most things can be learned. You may need a class to acquire mastery or expertise in them, but you can acquire the “how to.”

Here’s how to manage the daily grind, assuming you know the “how to” for each area of life:


👉 #1 = CATEGORIZE everything you do using the “start-stop-continue” grid.

Everything you need to do in order to achieve the dreams you listed in the previous section (the WHAT) falls into one of these three categories:

START = There are some things you aren’t doing that you need to ADD to your schedule.

For instance, you need to START tucking the kids in at night, START planning date night, START waking up an hour earlier to exercise, START reading certain things…

STOP = Part of this plans means HALTING other things in order to make room for the new agenda.

For instance, STOP vegging in front of the TV until AFTER the kids are in bed, STOP hanging with the guys multiple nights a week so you can invest in your marriage, STOP eating sugar & drinking & staying up late so you can better start the health regiment…

♻️ CONTINUE = Some things are right on track. Affirm them and continue.

For instance, CONTINUE managing your schedule with the same discipline. CONTINUE managing work in the same way you are currently doing, CONTINUE your personal development routine…

⭐️ NOTE: at this point we also suggest that some things are a “NO-FOR-NOW-NOT-FOR-LATER.” That is, they’re things you may want to START— but not yet. Or, they’re things you temporarily STOP…

For instance, “cheat days” on the diet may be “off the table” until you hit a certain weight goal. Or looking at houses may be off the table until you pay off your debt or reach a specific income goal (i.e., you decide not to even shop around now, lest you be tempted).

This temporary pause gives you something to look forward to in the future, yet affirms that— currently— you have a limited amount of time and focus…

…. you effectively punt these goals to a future time when you can more readily embrace them and actually enjoy them.


👉 #2 = CREATE your “perfect week” template

Step back while you’re not IN the week and create the ideal outline FOR your week. That is, pinpoint when you’ll exercise, when you’ll do certain repeating tasks such as connect with family members, and when you’ll block time for friends and/or other priorities.

Even though the week will rarely go 100% perfect, you’ll make more progress with the plan. And, you can always adjust the plan as needed.


👉 #3 = CALENDAR from your priorities instead of a “to do” list.

Note: when we succumb to working from mere lists, we often find ourselves trapped in the tyranny of the urgent rather than working on what’s important. Lists don’t valuable how much things matter; they’re generally created in the order we think of things…

… and, as a result, the most important matters rarely make the list (i.e., date night, personal time, etc.)


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