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What (head, idea)

The first step to living a life by design (instead of default) is deciding where you want to go. The second step is owning where you are now…

(Where you are NEVER defines who you are— it’s just your current location, your starting point. Nor is where you are where you must remain. However, where you are IS where you must begin. So…)

Create a plan, and enjoy the journey. Here’s how…

DREAM— and develop the “best case scenario” for every area of life.

We spend more time planning what we’ll wear on any given day than we do actually orchestrating the hours of that day. That is, we dress by design, but we often live by default.

Make a decision to live by design…

… and to create the best case scenario for each area of life, not just one area.

(Because every area is connected— what happens in your family affects your work, what happens in faith affects friendships, etc.)

DETERMINE the steps you need to take in order to move from here to there, but create them in reverse— from “there to here” instead of “here to there.”

In other words, reverse engineer your path. This guarantees you won’t move in a random direction but that you’ll actually move toward your dream.

DO the small stuff.

In the Advance book (and workshop, as well as video courses), we actually talk about how to create a bridge from “there to here.”

Many times, people FAIL to make forward progress because they think in terms of concepts instead of actions. For instance…

…. they make goals like “lose weight” instead of calendaring actions such as cutting the alcohol and sugars, exercising every morning at 6am, and monitoring their meals.

…. they make goals like “having a thriving marriage” rather than calendaring activities such as “date night each week.”

It all comes down to activity— and, generally, some of these actions seem so small we overlook them.


In the Advance material, we help you identify the catalytic action(s)— the ones which create disproportional momentum relative to the time and effort required to complete them. Download the Advance audiobook (free) for more info on what this looks like….





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