The Advance Planner is your daily tool to live the life you're designed to experience

“When things slow down I’ll finally get to __________.”

Ever thought or said that?

Yeah, me too… 

The reality is that— sure, there are things you want to do— but you’re doing GREAT work every single day…

👉 from pursuing your fitness and financial goals

👉 to juggling family and faith

👉 to enjoying the blessings of friends and fun

We’ve got the tool to help you keep all the moving parts organized, so that you can live with less stress and check more things off the “to do” list without missing out on the things— the people and the moments— which matter the most.

… and even be able to look ahead and forge your way forward… 

🤷‍♂️ Want to take your business to the next level?

😇 And want to make sure the rest of your life keeps running in sync, too? 

😎 And want to be able to see the forest AND the trees so that you don’t miss anything that’s important, big or small? 




The all-new Advance Planner is YOUR best daily tool to manage your journey from where you are to where your designed to be. 


This hardback, Moleskin-type planner (A5 size) includes:

✅ Undated pages, so you can start anytime

✅ 3 months of 2 pages per day

✅ Month-at-a-glance

✅ Weekly preview + review to keep you on track

✅ Journaling prompts to help you look back at your day + lean forward into the next one

✅ Band closure + pen loop + inside-back-cover pocket to stash your stuff!

✅ Free training to maxim your effectiveness

Purchase 1 quarterly planner = $33 (includes free audiobook) Purchase 4 = $99 (includes audio + video training)