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Let's get a plan.

Let's map it.

The Advance book is your field guide to move life from where you are to where you're designed to be.

eBook + audiobook combo, $10

This 5-part book + audiobook combo empowers you to define your dreams in multiple areas of life, then offers you practical tools to move from here to there.

We use "the ladder" for the Advance framework.

We'll help you move up each rung of the ladder!

We'll define each area, for each of your dreams, and equip you to move from where you are to where you want to be.

Part 1 = What = the idea in your head

The thing that you want to do. It may be business, it might be health. It could even be a relationship with your kids or a rockin' marriage.

At the Advance workshops where we teach this material live, the answers vary dramatically- and each answer is unique to each individual.

This is the place where we build the bridge from "here to there" and then start stepping!

Part 2 = How = implementing the dream by the work of your hands

The implementation of your idea comes next.

Face it: you'll get further if you know WHAT you're doing that someone who doesn't. But, you'll go further still if you know HOW to actually do the thing you're destined to do...

In this lesson...

⚙️ We don't talk about skills: we discuss schedules.

⚙️ We don't talk about talent; we discuss time.

Part 3 = Why = the inspiration in your heart

The heart. The drive.

Business is hard work. So are relationships. Even the great ones.

In every thing you do there are ups and downs. So, you need to uncover the thing that drives you!

You'll discover that-- 

♥️ You need multiple "whys"-- even different ones for each dream

♥️ The why can (and often does) change 

Part 4 = Who = interdependence  

We weren't designed to dream- or do the journey- alone. Your dreams were meant to be, and are better when, they're shared.

Enter, the bus.

🚀 This is the lesson where we initially get the most push-back, but it quickly becomes everyone's favorite.

🚀 You'll learn all about raw, real relationships in this lesson and see how the right people actually help propel each other forward, faster!

Part 5 = You = individuality

The greatest external output alwas begins with an internal process. You change before your world around you does.

As we ascend the ladder and tie it all together, we wrap by affirming the greatness that's in you.

🔥 It's already there- you may have just forgotten about it, or it may have gotten pushed aside in the hustle of life.

🔥 Recapture it. Because the stuff of life is an overflow of what's happening inside!

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Common Questions

And, this 2-page spread (we call it The Compass) helps you chart your direction AND then equips you by having everything on a single page--

This will become your roadmap, your playbook, to move from where you are now to where you're designed to be.

You'll identify your destiny- and begin living the presence of your best future today!

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