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Access the App Store of your choice and download the app (free). You'll have access to the schedule for the next Advance event...

Then, login from the app on your phone, from the home screen!

iTunes- LIVE as of 10-11-2018! Android


And Advance further, faster, every day.


What's on the newest update (October 2018)?

New content includes-

* All the audio from Advance 10.0

* Five new exclusive-to-the-app videos where Andy begins breaking down the concepts presented in the intro + chapters 1-4 of the red book!

iTunes- LIVE as of 10-11-2018! Android

A Quick Look at SOME of the Content in the App!

(And we're updating with new features every month- including 5 videos exclusive to the app, scheduled releases of the audiobook, free biz-building tools, and more!)

Event Audio

Want to rewind and re-hear what was said at the most recent events? Grab it here. Advance 9.0 is in the app now; Advance 10.0 will be in the app during the October update!

Just for the App!

New content- teaching you through the concepts from Advance- drops into this app, 5 exclusive videos per month. Plus archives.

Advance Audiobook

The complete "red book" is in the app (eBook). Now, 1/5 of the content will release in audiobook form- through the WHAT, HOW, WHY, WHO, and YOU!

Manage Your Advance

Work through this questionnaire, pulled from the book, and have your life plan in your phone!

Like it? Tag it!

Finding something you need to replay? Easy. We've created a way to tag your favs.

Available Now!

Access the eBook on-the-go -->> download it to all of your devices for easy access.

How about new content every month?

Here's the planned monthly roll-out for the app... set to update the first week of every month. If the month's already passed- the content is IN THERE!


  • Advance 10.0 (Minneapolis) audio
  • 5 videos exclusive to app
  • Direction vs. Intention video (from The Next Best Step)

November 2018

  • Audiobook for Advance, part 1- WHAT
  • 5 videos exclusive to app
  • Favorites section unlocked (mark your fav videos for easy reference)

December 2018

  • Audiobook for Advance, part 2- HOW
  • 5 videos exclusive to app 
  • Release the Compass (planning tool, in the app- just like we have in the Advance books)

January 2019

  • Finding Keto, ebook and audiobook- bonus for New Year’s!
  • Audiobook for Advance, part 3- WHY
  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • Advance Change page on bottom of home screen

February 2019

  • Audiobook book for Advance, part 4- WHY
  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • Upload OLD Advance Zoom from Spring 2018

March 2019

  • Advance 11.0 (San Diego) audio 
  • 5 exclusive videos 

April 2019

  • Audiobook for Advance, part 5- YOU 
  • 5 exclusive videos 

May 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • The Husband’s Field Guide-  eBook
  • The Husbands’ Field Guide- audiobook, 1st half 

June 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • The Husbands’ Field Guide- audiobook, 2nd half 

July 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • Overflow biz workshop- videos released

August 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • “How Do You Do It All?!” series released (how to accomplish more with less time) 

September 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • The Field Guide to the Comp Plan.  Audiobook, 1/3- will drop new audio explaining anything out of date

October 2019

  • Advance 12.0 audio files 
  • 5 exclusive videos

November 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • The Field Guide to the Comp Plan. Audiobook, 2/3

December 2019

  • 5 exclusive videos 
  • Remainder of The Field Guide to the Comp Plan audiobook, 3/3

January 2020

  • 5 exclusive videos AND MORE!

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who wants to move from where they are to where they're designed to be.

If you prefer to learn-on-the-go, like to consume shorter videos, love listening to long-form audio while you drive, exercise, or cook... and want it to be mobile, then this is your thing!

Though our events are only for men, anyone can benefit from the app.

Here's what you can expect- 

  • Five new videos per month 
  • Bonus content- ebooks, audiobooks from my library 
  • Discount codes to events 
  • Discount code for Advance Zoom (you'll receive a discount offer at checkout!)

Advance Zoom consists of monthly calls that are scheduled in Advance. We drop bonus videos each week on topic in the online portal which you can replay forever.

We've created a Facebook group for Advance only Zoom + app.

If you prefer LIVE and to work on your specific projects in a group setting with access via Facebook group... the Advance Zoom is for you. 

If you prefer to learn on your own, on-the-go, get the app.

Or, go with both and grab the best of both worlds!!!


And Advance further, faster, every day.


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